Complete Phone Filmmaking Rig

One-stop-shop for a complete phone-filmmaking package

This package includes a "cage" to hold your phone snug and safe, providing easier handheld movements, and a way to attach accessories and a tripod mount. Also includes a microphone for better audio, and two LED lights that can be attached to the cage, or used independently.
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Smart Phone Cage ONLY

A smart phone cage to make shooting with your phone easier

This smart phone cage fits most smart phones and provides accessory mounts as well as a tripod screw on the bottom. *Does not include lights or microphone.
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Phone Tripod Mount

Gives your phone the ability to attach to a tripod

If you don't want to spend the money on a smart phone cage, you can opt for this simple tripod mount. The cage is better, and only a few dollars more, but at least you have this option if your budget is really tight.
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Variable ND filter for smart phone

A must-have to shoot cinematic video outdoors

This clip filter will attach to most smartphones and will allow you to shoot 1/48 shutter speed when outdoors, creating a much more cinematic look to your footage. If you want a better explanation to what that means, sign up for the E Course where we go over proper smart phone film-making in detail.
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Lens Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber lens cleaners for your camera lens and phone screen

A great shot can be ruined with a dirty lens! These microfiber cloths are simple, but they get the job done and keep your lens clean! Works great on your phone screen as well.
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Lightweight Tripod

A perfect tripod for those just starting out

This tripod won't give you the smoothest shots in the world, but it does the job! You can't beat this price for a sturdy tripod.
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Better Tripod

Fluid head tripod for smooth video shots

This is the preferred video tripod for beginners and intermediate levels. With a fluid head, the tripod smoothly pans and tilts, making moving shots much easier.y
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Small LED Video Light

Affordable light that does the job!

This light is small but packs a big punch with 49 LED lights! This is perfect for the beginner, or someone not wanting to spend allot of money out of the gates. We recommend buying two or three of these as they can clip together to become an even more powerful single light source, or you can set them up in different areas with light stands (scroll down to see light stands)
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Medium LED Video Light

More than twice the power of the small LED light

If you're willing to spend a little more money, this light has more than triple the power of the smaller light with 160 LED's! Comes with a mount to go right into the camera cage, or to be used independently on a light stand.
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Best LED lighting kit

Bigger and better! Easily light a full scene.

If you're ready to go to the next level, this lighting kit is for you! Easily light larger scenes and control the intensity of the lights with the dimmer nobs. Comes with 2 lights, and 2 stands.
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Light Stands

Perfect for either the small or medium LED lights

Pack of two basic light stands that allow you to attach your LED lights. If you'd like to use these to clamp the outdoor lighting kit discs, use the below clamp item.
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Reflector Kit Clamps

Properly attach your reflector kit to light stands

Use these heavy duty metal clamps to properly attach your reflectors (from the outdoor lighting kit) to your light stands. Two pack.
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Outdoor Lighting Kit

A 5-in-1 reflector lighting kit

Shooting outdoors can eliminate the need for additional lights, but you will need to control the sun, at least a little bit. This pack is an extremely affordable way to do that with diffusion, gold and silver bounce, and more!
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Shotgun Microphone

Take your audio to the next level!

Recording audio straight into your phone is never ideal. There is lots of surrounding noise, and it interferes with the sound you want to get. This mic is a perfect solution that is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the competition. Includes cable to attach to a smart phone, or a regular camera.
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Extension Cable for Microphone

Extend your microphone cable by 20 feet

Using this cable with the microphone will give you more freedom to setup your shots. You won't have to have the microphone so close to your camera, and you'll be able to get better audio of your actors. Use in conjunction with the above microphone and either the boom pole listed below, or any pole you have access to.
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Monopod/Boomple for Shotgun Microphone

Use this monopod as a boom pole to get better audio

Traditional boompoles for shotgun microphones can run hundreds of dollars. Instead, use this monopod for less than $20 to attach your microphone with the extender cable, and get great audio!
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Movavi Video Editor

Best video editing software for the money

Movavi video editor is a simple to use video editor that we recommend to use with the Lights Camera Movie E Course. They have a free trial that you can download to get started, and if you use our link below, you'll receive an additional 15% off.
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