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Learn Everything You Need to Know to Make Movies

Lights Camera Movie was built out of a desire to teach the next generation of filmmakers how to make movies easily and affordably. The path to making movies often seems daunting and confusing, not to mention expensive! Which camera should I use? How do I write a script? Where do I even start? Film school can take one to four years to complete, and cost upwards of $100,000. Lights Camera Movie guarantees you will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and will be making your own movies within a couple of weeks- all for less than the cost of film school books. Using a smartphone and simple household items, you can begin your filmmaking journey today!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Lights Camera Movie!
  • 2

    Development - Creating Your Story

    • Creating Your Story pt 1. Who What Where?
    • Creating Your Story pt 2. The Basics of Storytelling
    • Creating Your Story pt 3. Creating a Log Line
    • Creating Your Story pt 4. Story Act Structure
    • Creating Your Story pt 5. The Plot Curve
    • BONUS - Character Development
    • Creating Your Story pt 6. Writing the Treatment
    • Creating Your Story pt 7. Writing The Script
    • Creating Your Story pt 8. Breaking Down Your Script
  • 3

    Camera Gear and How to Use it

    • Camera Gear
    • Cinematic Settings for your Smart Phone
    • Camera Shots and Angles
    • Camera Framing and Composition
  • 4

    Lighting and Audio

    • Interior Lighting
    • Exterior Lighting
    • Recording Good Audio
  • 5

    From Script to Screen - Preparing to Shoot

    • Shot Lists and Storyboards
    • Using a Slate and Content Management
  • 6

    Post Production

    • Video Editing Basics and Software
    • How to Edit a Scene
    • Sound Editing Part 1 - Cleaning up Current Audio
    • Sound Editing Part 2 - Equalizers and Enhancements
    • Sound Editing Part 3 - Room Tone and Sound FX
    • Sound Editing Part 4 - Music
    • Adding Titles and Graphics
    • Exporting Your Project
    • Uploading Your Video to Youtube
  • 7

    Production Book Downloads

    • Production Book

FREE Printable Production Book Included!

Everything you need to complete your movie(s)!

In addition to the video lessons, you will have access to all of our templates, guides, sample scripts, shooting schedules, shot lists and more! Print as many as you need, as often as you need.

See What Our Students Say

by Ron Eber - Professional Filmmaker

Essential for all Filmmakers

by Ron Eber - Professional Filmmaker

The first recommendation ever made to me when I was trying to learn how to make a movie was "Save the Cat". I wish it had been Lights Camera Movie instead. This course has to be the most understandable, efficient path to becoming a real filmmaker who actually makes movies that I have found.
By: Kris Chin Bedan. Homeschooling Mom

My Daughter Loves It

By: Kris Chin Bedan. Homeschooling Mom

Pretty exciting! Hailee got a sneak peek the other night and she already loves it. This is exactly the resource I was looking for. Especially since she is Homeschooled with 4 other siblings! Life gets busy and she can do this E-course even when I am to busy to help. If you know a kid who is interested in film production, I highly recommend this!
by Josh Stutzman - Producer

Wealth of Filmmaking Knowledge

by Josh Stutzman - Producer

Lights Camera Movie is not only a great introductory course but a deep well of knowledge for the experienced filmmaker. I wish I had this course when I started my filmmaking journey fifteen years ago.
by Noah Nims - 16 Years Old

Guides You from Start to Finish

by Noah Nims - 16 Years Old

Lights Camera Movie is an awesome film course that really helped me from start to finish, with not only developing a story but with the physical gear and shooting techniques as well! The lessons are super straightforward and well divided up so you take the whole course at your own pace. Would definitely recommend to anyone who’s interested in the real useful basics of filmmaking.

What's Included in the Course

From script to screen, we guide you through the entire filmmaking process.

  • Over 20 videos guiding the entire filmmaking process.

  • Lifetime access!

  • Full production book download with story templates, shotlists, storyboards, script outlines, and more!

  • Personal mentorship. You can submit your stories, scripts, or video edits for tips and advice from our professional filmmaker team.

An all-in-one filmmaking course!

  • Pre Production

    Planning time! We'll guide you step by step on the pre-production process. We'll teach you how to craft a compelling story, turn your ideas into a script, and properly plan your shoot.

  • Production

    Action time! We'll teach you how to utilize your phone as a movie-making machine, proper lighting techniques, how to record quality sound, and successful team leadership.

  • Post Production

    Putting it all together! With easy-to-follow videos, we will show you the most efficient editing techniques, how to choose your best shots, and the best way to layer in sound effects, music, and graphics.


Caleb Price

Senior Instructor

Caleb Price

Before filmmaking seemed like a viable career, Caleb was shooting home videos with his parents camcorder as early as he can remember. He never stopped making movies, and after high school, he pursed a film degree in Southern California. Caleb graduated in 2009 with a Bachelors in Feature Film production and went on to produce, direct, and edit multiple music videos, short films, feature film documentaries, web series, and television shows. His last feature film, CONNECT, was distributed to over 600 theaters nationwide, and then released on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Realizing that traditional film school only taught one method of filmmaking, that involved very expensive equipment, he wished he could take what he learned from producing in the real world, using less expensive gear and wearing multiple hats - to teach others how to start making films without the high cost. Thus, Lights Camera Movie was born, an affordable online film school that teaches all the basics, from beginning to end. Caleb built this course because he wished it existed for the 16 year old version (or even the 23 year old version) of himself. This course was truly created out of a necessity. With extensive experience in both large and small scale production, Caleb desires to teach the next generation of filmmakers that they have what it takes today to make great films.

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With film school costing upwards of $100,000, Lights Camera Movie seeks to eliminate the need for high cost schooling, and bring the film school into your home!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is this course for?

    We specifically designed our course for aspiring filmmakers who have little to no prior filmmaking knowledge. And while our content is geared toward a 12-99 year old audience base, this information is relevant and useful for all ages!

  • When does the course start?

    The full course launched in November 2019 and is available in its entirely to you NOW!

  • What do I need to do the course?

    Just a phone and a computer will get you through from start to finish! However, there is some additional gear which will make the process smoother. Sign up for our email to get a full list of the video gear we recommend.

  • Are the videos live?

    The video lessons are pre-recorded, which means you can work at your own pace! You can also rewatch as many times as you'd like!